• Strengaud Team Research (STR)

    Founder: Merceria Hood Location(s): South City. (May have other lab/research locations, but they are widely unknown.) Function(s): To develop technology for Strengaud Corporation security and police forces. Sometimes the labs produce technology for the… more »
  • Strengaud Sentry (SS)

    Founder: Location(s): South City Function(s): The Strengaud Sentrys' role is to protect some the top executives in the Strengaud Corporation. more »
  • Strengaud Police Department (SPD)

    Location(s): South City (Headquarters), almost every other city where Strengaud Corporation has influence. Function(s): To protect the interests of Strengaud Corporation and police their events and assets worldwide. more »
  • Strengaud Intelligence Agency (SIA)

    Founder: N/A Location(s): North City. Other branch offices in multiple cities. Function(s): The Strengaud Intelligence Agencies' job is to monitor all Strengaud properties and assets. They also do security background checks on everyone who works for… more »
  • Tanya White

    Age: 17 Sex: Female Race: Human (Gendan Shade) Eye Color: Organization: Gendan Black Raiders Origin: Genda History: Tanya is a always has been a member of the Gendan Black Raiders. She is one of the most advanced fighters in the group and has killed… more »