• Corp of Strengaud (CS)


    South City (Headquarters)


    The Corps job is to use magical means of accomplishing Strengaud Corporations work. It also does covert operations and surveillance that the Strengaud Intelligence Agency cannot. 


    Officially the Corps doesn't exist. Most of the workers are undercover in the other divisions of Strengaud Corporation and its subsidiary companies.

  • Strengaud Intelligence Agency (SIA)

    Founder: N/A

    Location(s): North City. Other branch offices in multiple cities.

    Function(s): The Strengaud Intelligence Agencies' job is to monitor all Strengaud properties and assets. They also do security background checks on everyone who works for Strengaud Corporation. In addition to that their main job is to get intelligence on what all Strengaud divisions and departments are doing in order to make sure that they are in compliance with all the rules & regulations.

  • Strengaud Police Department (SPD)

    Location(s): South City (Headquarters), almost every other city where Strengaud Corporation has influence.

    Function(s): To protect the interests of Strengaud Corporation and police their events and assets worldwide.

  • Strengaud Sentry (SS)


    Location(s): South City

    Function(s): The Strengaud Sentrys' role is to protect some the top executives in the Strengaud Corporation.

  • Strengaud Team Research (STR)

    Founder: Merceria Hood

    Location(s): South City. (May have other lab/research locations, but they are widely unknown.)

    Function(s): To develop technology for Strengaud Corporation security and police forces. Sometimes the labs produce technology for the general public.



    Humans to Artificial Shade Project (HASP):

    Miniature Artificial Clones of Humans (MACH):

  • Strengaud Affiliates

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